Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why You Will Love The 2016 Max Mara Wedding Collection

I am totally obsessed with the Max Mara wedding collection as the dresses are just absolutely stunning- perfect for fashionista brides. Although they are not available in the UK, there is no reason why you can’t combine a pre-wedding break in Milan with some wedding dress shopping? (I am sure you like my line of thinking!).

‘Max Mara’s 2016 bridal represents the quintessential poetry of a well-orchestrated dream. Looking for purity in its chosen shapes, a savvy dressmaking behind the scenes, minimalist and aesthetically pure, the collection puts forward the beauty of a woman and caresses her traits thanks to refined details.’

The (above) is how the company describe the 2016 Max Mara wedding collection, which is made up of mermaid like gowns, asymmetrical necklines and organza maxi skirts. I can’t resist their 1960s style mini wedding dress, just exquisite!

There are also a couple of very cool jumpsuits, just what fashionista brides will adore! I also love the white coat-so perfect for a winter wedding. The accessories are also delightful, the short veils and flower headbands complement the Max Mara wedding collection perfectly.

Now if your partner doesn’t fancy a pre-wedding break in Milan, why not suggest you have your hen weekend there instead? Your girlfriends are bound to jump at the chance of some culture and shopping in Milan and you will be able to view the Max Mara wedding collection at the same time! Or if they are not keen, why not have some quality ‘mummy and daughter’ time with your mother instead? She will love the idea of spending time with just you before your big day and I am sure you could do with her company and advice when going wedding dress shopping.

Anyway, I am sure you are waiting to see the gorgeous 2016 Max Mara wedding collection…

The 2016 Max Mara wedding collection

Max Mara wedding

How elegant is this Max Mara wedding dress?

Max Mara wedding

How stylish is this spotted Max Mara wedding dress?

wedding jumpsuit

The fashionista bride will love this wedding jumpsuit by Max Mara.

Max Mara wedding

How elegant would this Max Mara coat be for a winter wedding?

chic wedding

How chic is this Max Mara wedding gown?

mini wedding dress

How cute is this spotted mini wedding dress?

Max Mara wedding

The ruffle element to this Max Mara wedding dress gives it an added extra.

max mara dress

I adore the pale coffee colour of this dress.

sixties wedding

How gorgeous is this 1960’s Max Mara wedding dress?

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