Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why Boho Brides Will Love The 2016 Daughters Of Simone Collection

I can’t tell you how lucky you are to be engaged! Of course the main reason is because you are marrying the love of your life. However, another reason is because you have such an incredible choice of wedding dresses to choose from. This morning’s post is for all you boho brides out there. Have you heard of Daughters Of Simone? Well, it is basically a bridal company that was founded in San Francisco, USA, specifically for boho brides looking for non traditional wedding dresses. When doing research on the company, I discovered that they named the company Daughters Of Simone after the French philosopher and writer, Simone De Beauvoir. Simone De Beauvoir was renowned for her feminist views and for doing things her way. Daughters Of Simone was founded to provide brides-to-be with dresses to express their individualism.

The two sisters behind the label are Ash and Brit Castanos, they are daughters of an abstract artist mother and a carpenter father, and had an upbringing that was anything but ‘traditional.’ The pair are inspired by their mother’s very own 1970’s shoulder baring wedding gown, backpacking trips through Indonesia and Australia and independent women around the world.

The 2016 Daughters Of Simone collection is entitled ‘Under Your Spell.’

Something about you that I can’t shake. Don’t know how much more of this I can take. I’m under your spell.’

Bob Dylan

If you consider yourself a boho bride, then you will absolutely adore their new collection, it features their signature 1970s style and plenty of lace!

Photographs by Matt Castanos. The model is Sofie Rovenstine.

Daughters Of Simone is available in the UK at  The Lovers Bride (London) Heart A Flutter (London) and Jean Jackson Couture in Manchester.

The ‘Under Your Spell’ collection from Daughters Of Simone

Daughters Of Simone

How dreamy is this ‘Iver’ dress from Daughters Of Simone?

Daughters Of Simone

The ‘Fleetwood’ dress by Daughters Of Simone definitely has a 1970’s influence to it.

boho brides

The ‘Brit’ gown will definitely appeal to boho brides.

Daughters Of Simone

The ‘Denver’ playsuit is definitely for the bride who is looking for something ‘a bit different’

boho bride

This ‘Laurence’ dress is one of my favourite gowns from the collection, just so pretty.

hippy bride

The gorgeous ‘Phifer’ dress.

boho brides

This gown is called ‘Morrison’ Don’t you love the flowers in the model’s hair? Perfect for boho brides


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