Thursday, November 12, 2015

Incredible Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Are you a chocoholic? Or is your partner one? Or do you both love chocolate wedding cakes? Whatever the answer is, I want to reassure you that chocolate wedding cakes are definitely worth considering. Before you hear the cries, ‘a chocolate wedding cake is not traditional,’ ‘nobody has a chocolate wedding cake,’ just simply try and switch off. As much as I encourage family and friends to help out when planning a wedding, I also think it is so important that the couple who are getting married make their own decisions. Chocolate wedding cakes may not be the most ‘traditional,’ but quite frankly, who cares? I abhor the idea of a wedding cake just being there for show, and nobody eating it! There is no point in opting for a traditional iced wedding fruit cake if you are just doing it to keep your parents (great aunt Mavis) happy etc. I hope you are getting the picture now that I think it is so important to choose a wedding cake that you adore.

When it comes to chocolate wedding cakes, you could for example opt for a ‘naked’ chocolate wedding cake. In case you didn’t know ‘naked’ wedding cakes have been very popular in the world of weddings for a while. Or you could choose a dark chocolate truffle cake like the one by Peggy Porschen below? Or if you like the idea of making a statement and doing something completely different, why not choose this #deliciouslystella cake by Anges de Sucre? It is bound not only to be a hit with your guests, but the children at your wedding will absolutely adore it. Now, enough from me, lets get on to the chocolate wedding cakes!

Amazing chocolate wedding cakes

chocolate wedding cakes

A stunning dark chocolate truffle cake by Peggy Porschen.

chocolate wedding cakes

How gorgeous is this ‘naked’ chocolate wedding cake by Lily Vanilli?

chocolate wedding cakes

The incredible #deliciouslystella cake by Anges de Sucre.


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