Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wedding Day Hair Accessories For Every Style Of Bride

It is not hard to find wedding day accessories. On the contrary, I think it is quite easy to be overwhelmed by the enormous choice there is out there when it comes to tiaras, hair combs, headbands etc. However, I know from experience that it is not always easy finding stylish wedding hair accessories as it is imperative that they suit the style of your wedding. If I was getting married today, I know for a fact that I would find it very hard to narrow my search down for bridal hair accessories. There is no point in falling in love with a tiara or comb if it doesn’t suit your wedding dress or style of big day. This is what got me thinking about today’s post, ‘Wedding Day Hair Accessories For Every Style of Bride.’ I wanted to write almost a universal post about bridal hair accessories that would appeal to the majority, rather than the minority. I have thought carefully about the different looks you might be going for and endeavoured to cater for all tastes and styles. The first thing you have to is decide on your wedding style. Once you have decided upon that, you can go and choose your dress and then your wedding day hair accessories.

Wedding Day Hair Accessories You’ll Love

For the boho bride

wedding day hair accessories

The boho bride will adore this ‘Meadow’ veil by AM Faulkner.

For the vintage style bride

wedding day hair accessories

How glamorous is the ‘Astor’ side tiara which is By Harriet?

vintage wedding

A close up of the ‘Astor’ side tiara, By Harriet.

For the fashionista bride

wedding day hair accessories

The fashionista bride will adore Jannie Baltzer’s ‘Thea Halo’

For the romantic bride


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