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Picture of the Day – James Andrew Photography

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Bride and groom kissing in front of field - Picture by James Andrew Photography

Image © James Andrew Photography



This post Picture of the Day – James Andrew Photography first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

The Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth

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We get very excited when an email lands in our inbox with pictures of a styled shoot or event at The Duke of Cornwall. So you can imagine our delight when we were invited to stay at the hotel and experience it for ourselves. So, last month we set off to Devon for our stay at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel.

Victorian Grandeur

Dating back to 1863, The Duke of Cornwall Hotel was Plymouth’s first luxury hotel; and luxury it is. Over the years the hotel has undergone considerate restorations and improvements. When you walk up the steps of the grand entrance you feel like you are stepping back in time.

Bride and groom outside entrance of The Duke of Cornwall Hotel

If you appreciate architecture then you will love The Duke of Cornwall. Described by Sir John Betjeman as “one of the nation’s best examples of Victorian architecture”, it really is spectacular.

Beautiful pillars, intricate detail and an abundance of Victorian grandeur feature throughout the hotel. Also, right in the heart of the hotel is a fabulous, sweeping staircase that leads up to the four floors. It is the perfect place to have some incredible wedding pictures taken.

Stairs in Duke of Cornwall Hotel

Weddings at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel

The Duke of Cornwall is the perfect setting for the wedding of your dreams. Toni, the wedding co-ordinator for the hotel, showed us around the choice of rooms available for weddings. We were blown away.

The hotel can accommodate weddings from 10 to 300 people. From the Grand Ballroom, which is perfect for larger weddings, to the fabulous light and spacious dining room. With a beautiful domed ceiling, it has quite frankly the most beautiful chandelier we have ever seen. Then, for smaller weddings, there’s the more intimate Millbay Suite, and Hayward Room with far-stretching views across the city. The recently refurbished Hayward Room features in this 1950s Glamour Inspired Wedding Shoot we recently featured. The wedding team will work with you to create any room layout you desire, and no request is too big.

Bride and groom of 1950s glamour wedding shoot at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel

Staying at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel

The bedrooms at the hotel are the perfect sanctuary to relax before and after your big day. There are 72 bedrooms, each one individually designed with designer wallpapers, chic vintage furniture and accessories.

Bride sitting on bed at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel

As it’s your wedding night, why not stay in one of the hotel’s luxury bedrooms with a four poster bed. We were lucky enough to stay in one of these rooms, which was recently redecorated. The great thing about this room was that it had its own separate lounge area, which was a great chill out area.

City Centre Location

Just a short walk from Plymouth city centre, The Duke of Cornwall Hotel is in a great location. We took a walk around the city and then down to The Waterfront and The Hoe. If you are looking for a backdrop for your wedding pictures away from the hotel, The Hoe is breathtaking.

Plymouth Hoe

Plymouth is a great place to visit, so even if you’re not local this could still be the venue for you. Think how lovely it would be to have a few days or a week together with your friends and family, visiting the beaches, Eden Project and Dartmoor. Plymouth really is the heart of Devon and Cornwall.

We were totally blown away by The Duke of Cornwall Hotel. The warm welcome, grandeur, facilities and location – it really is very special.

To find out more visit

Plymouth Hoe image Copyright Ian Capper and licensed for reuse under CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence

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Picture of the Day – Clare Tam-Im Photography

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Bride and groom kissing under fairground ride - Picture by Clare Tam-Im Photography

Image © Clare Tam-Im Photography



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Getting to Know – Toby Lowe Photography

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Toby Lowe of Toby Lowe Photography

Toby Lowe Photography Logo

Company Name: Toby Lowe Photography

Interview with: Toby Lowe


Location / Coverage: Based in Cornwall. Cover Cornwall, Devon, UK

How did Toby Lowe Photography start?

My background was originally in editorial and journalistic photography. Over a period I slowly drifted into weddings. I love taking my editorial experience and applying it to weddings. Toby Lowe Photography is now pretty much focussed on wedding photography.

Bride and groom holding hands in front of sea - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

I come from a photographic family so it has always been in my life. It is such a fantastic art form, that can be approached from so many different angles. Every day with a camera opens up so many new possibilities.

Smiling bridesmaids with sunflowers - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I can’t remember my first picture, but I always had a camera with me when I was a kid. Back then I used to take weird abstract pictures. I remember going on holiday and just taking pictures of random things like old bottles and road signs. When we got the prints back there wasn’t a single picture of a person. My mum just did not get it. To me though every picture had a story behind it.

Wedding confetti shot - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

Cornwall, Devon and the rest of the UK.

Describe your photography studio (if you have one)

I have just moved house so now have the challenge of building a new studio. Definitely a winter job once the wedding season is over.

Bride and groom holding hands on path - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

What do you feel sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

The best bit of advice I was given when I was starting out, was to find my own style. It is so important. You have to have a clear vision of how you see the world and how you want to document it. Over a period that style may evolve, but there should be a continuity running through it. My style is now hopefully unique to me.

In terms of photograph approach, that sets me apart. The other aspect is my own personal interaction with people. Getting beautiful, relaxed images is all about trust. You cannot capture the day in a natural way unless people trust you. To do this, the manner you approach and engage with them is absolutely vital.

Bride and groom kissing in woods - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

How would you describe your photography style?

Fine art imagery combined with a reportage approach in order to produce beautiful, bespoke imagery.

What packages do you offer and what are your rates?

I offer a Short Day Package and a Full Day Package. A price list is available via my website.

Bride holding groom's hand and twirling - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

What is the best thing about your job?

People. I love meeting new people. As a wedding photographer you are constantly surrounding yourself with people that you have never met before. It is the same buzz as you get when you go travelling – you are constantly surrounded by new stories.

Couple kissing on beach - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

Do you have a specialist area of photography?

Definitely photographing people, candid or otherwise.

Who/what are your influences?

I love the pioneer documentary / reportage photographers like Dorothea Lange. If you look at what she was using, the conditions she worked in and pictures that she took you cannot help but feel humbled by her work. It is beautiful and incredibly real.

Church wedding confetti shot - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

Do you have a favourite picture that you have taken (If you can choose!)?

Yes, this one…

Bride and groom kissing holding umbrellas - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

What is your top tip for choosing a wedding photographer?

Choose your wedding photographer based on these two factors…

  1. Do you like their portfolio and the way they shoot / their image post production?
  2. Do you feel comfortable and relaxed with them? If not they will never capture, natural, relaxed looking photos.

You have to have a yes to both these questions in order to make the right choice for your wedding photographer.

Bride and groom kissing in field - Picture by Toby Lowe Photography

Random question… If you could take a picture of anyone, who would it be and why?

My dad. He passed away before I became a professional photographer. I hope he would like my work. I would love to photograph him now.

What’s your typical day like (we know two days are never the same in the wedding world!)?

Ha ha, it is a good question. A lot of a photographer’s life can be summed up by one thing – you are there to notice things. You then make the decision as to whether they are part of the day’s story and need to be woven into the document of images. Noticing things pretty much sums up a typical day for me.

Where can people find out more about Toby Lowe Photography?




Twitter: @tobylowe

The Wedding Community:

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Picture of the Day – Peter Lane Photography

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Beautiful woman looking down - Picture by Peter Lane Photography

Image © Peter Lane Photography



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Cardiff vs Bath Hen Weekends

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If you’re organising a hen weekend, the South West has two of the best locations in the country. Holly Speed of Regional Games looks at what’s on offer for Cardiff and Bath hen weekends…

There comes a time in a woman’s life when that big question gets popped. You know, that really important question from the one person who means the absolute world to you. “Will you… be my bridesmaid!?”

The pressure is on to plan the most amazing hen weekend possible for your best friend to show her how much she means to you and all her friends.

There are so many great cities in the United Kingdom to visit, but we’ve narrowed it down to two of the best. Now all you need to decide is whether to make it a Bath hen weekend or a Cardiff hen weekend!

Cardiff and Bath Hen Weekend Activities

Bath and Cardiff have a lot to offer when it comes to hen party activities, with something to suit every energy level and budget.

Thermae Bath Spa

Of course, there’s Thermae Bath Spa, one of the best day spas in the country. It has steam rooms, whirl pools, foot baths and a heated rooftop pool with beautiful views over the spires of Bath.

Thermae Bath Spa

West Country Games

For something a little more energetic, why not head to West Country Games for a crazy day out in the countryside? It’s situated just outside Bristol and has nine West Country themed games on offer. You can try your hand at their Cider Run, Wipeout and Pitch Fork Duel.

West Country Games

Guaranteed to have you all crying with laughter, this is great for blowing the cobwebs away, and perfect for any Bath hen weekend.

Welsh Games

There’s also a sister site over in Cardiff which offers a similar day out served up as Welsh Games. All with a Welsh theme, there’s a hilarious sheep rodeo, the chance to ride the pit pony and some merciless firing of tennis balls at Charlotte Church and Tom Jones!

Sheep Rodeo Welsh Games

You get your own activity instructor to keep energy levels up and free photos thrown in too. Welsh Games really is a great all-rounder for Cardiff activities.

Cardiff White Water Rafting

Both Bath and Cardiff have some great water-based activities to take advantage of too. In Cardiff you can go white water rafting right in the heart of the city.

White Water Rafting

Best known for their rafting and indoor surfing experiences, the company based in Cardiff Bay also runs trips further afield to spots where you can go river kayaking and gorge walking.

Bath River Cruise

For a more sedate option, why not hire a boat in Bath to take you on a Booze Cruise down the River Avon?

Bath River Cruise

You can commandeer your own vessel complete with crew, a fully licensed bar and sound system ready to play your selection of tunes. The perfect way to kick off the evening’s activities!

Nights Out in Cardiff

As a capital city, Cardiff has plenty to offer on a night out. With a tonne of live music venues and lots of venues that welcome large groups, this ticks all the boxes for your hen weekend.

Cardiff at Night

Try the cocktail bars in Cardiff Bay on the Friday night for a slightly quieter evening. This will give you the chance to catch up with everyone and save crazy St Mary’s Street for the Saturday night. With more bars and clubs than you can shake a stick at, this street is buzzing at the weekends, so why not kick off the night with a bar crawl? Don’t miss out the likes of Be At One cocktail bar, Missoula and Peppermint Bar.

Just around the corner are a couple of gems. Head to the Revolution de Cuba for some fun conga-ing around the room with some of this rum bar’s own maracas. Or, dip off to the Live Lounge to catch the city’s best live music. Both are big enough to fit a hen group in yet small enough to keep the atmosphere friendly and chatty.

Finish off the night back on St Mary’s Street with 90’s-tastic Popworld. Or, for a mixture of all the best cheesy and chart tunes, Tiger Tiger is always a winner!

Nights Out in Bath

For a great night out in Bath, stick to the underground bars. We don’t mean grimy joints with a secret knock, but underground, classy cocktail bars set in cellars beneath historic Bath.

Bath at Night

Opium Bar, tucked away beneath Pulteney Bridge is a shabby-chic cocktail bar that is infamous amongst the locals. Sub 13 is another subterranean joint serving delicious cocktails, and it even has its own champagne lounge.

If your night starts a little earlier, head to the roof of Hall & Woodhouse to soak up last of the sunshine. Then, pop around the corner to the Bath Canary Gin Bar for the largest selection of gins you’ve ever seen.

Club XL is a great shout to end the night. Bath’s biggest club guarantees all the biggest tunes to keep you and the girls on your feet until the early hours!


Situated just off the M4 and not far off the M5, both destinations are easy to reach by road. They also have train stations situated in their respective centres making them a doddle to get to from almost anywhere in the country.

Guest Post by Holly Speed of Regional Games

West Country Games and Welsh Games images courtesy of Regional Games. All other images from Flickr used under CC BY 2.0 license, except Thermae Bath Spa images used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

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Picture of the Day – Graham Baker Photography

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Bride and groom in front of Guildhall, London - Picture by Graham Baker Photography

Image © Graham Baker Photography



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New Pink Rose Heads and Wheat Range from Shropshire Petals

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Shropshire Petals has just added two fabulous new products to their range. Their new Pink Rose Heads and Wheat Range will add a beautiful touch to your wedding day.

Freeze-Dried Pink Rose Heads

Shropshire Petals’ pretty new Pink Rose Heads are perfect for adding some DIY styling to vintage or pink themed weddings.

Shropshire Petals Pink Rose Heads

Together with their already popular cream rose heads, peony heads and rose buds, the pink rose heads complement the collection beautifully.

Shropshire Petals share their top five ways to use their freeze-dried rose and peony heads…

1. Floral Displays

Attached florist wire to the base of rose heads and add to floral displays or bouquets for longer-lasting arrangements.

2. Table Centrepiece

Place rose heads in wheat sheaves with some other dried or fresh flowers for a pretty, contrasting natural table centrepiece.

3. Cake Decoration

Use rose or peony heads to decorate your DIY wedding cake. A plain white iced cake looks stunning with dried flowers placed on and around it. This will turn something simple into a feature that will complement your wedding styling.

4. Table Decoration

Scatter dried flower heads on crisp white tablecloths. This will add some texture and a touch of colour to your table décor.

5. Floral Headband

Make your own DIY floral headband. Use fresh green foliage, dried rose heads and lavender for a pretty, vintage boho hair decoration.

Shropshire Petals rose heads will last for up to four months and are available in packs of 10 for £21.

Wheat Range

Add some country chic to your wedding day with the stunning new Wheat Range from Shropshire Petals. The range is available in three different colours; white, blue and pink.

Each range includes a buttonhole, posy, wheat sheaf and wheat wreath. From bouquets to decorations, the wheat range is perfect for adding some natural detail to your wedding day.

Pink Wheat Range

Shropshire Petals Pink Wheat Range

The pink wheat range contains wheat, bearded wheat, Nigella pods, marjoram, acrolinium, Candy Floss delphiniums, Raspberry Fool delphiniums, Cherry Blossom delphiniums and pink rose heads

Blue Wheat Range

Shropshire Petals Blue Wheat Range

The blue wheat range contains wheat, bearded wheat, Amethyst delphiniums, Frosted Blue delphiniums, Midnight Blue delphiniums, thistle heads, lavender and acrolinium.

White Wheat Range

Shropshire Petals White Wheat Range

The white range contains wheat, bearded wheat, cream rose heads, Icing Sugar delphiniums, feather grass, dumosa, acrolinium and laguras.

Buttonholes are three for £10, Posies are £12, Wheat Sheaves are £30 and Wheat Wreaths are £35.

Each product in the new range is available with the choice of cream, natural weave, raffia, grey, pink, blue, yellow, lilac, green, white, gold and silver ribbon.

For more information and inspiration visit

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Picture of the Day – Neil Jackson Photographic

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Bride bouncing on space hopper - Picture by Neil Jackson Photographic

Image © Neil Jackson Photographic



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An Autumn Boho Wedding Shoot in Spain

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Autumn weddings are the perfect opportunity to utilise nature and its glorious offerings. We love the rustic, natural autumn elements that the very talented creative team have used to style this shoot. Berries, apples, pumpkins, nuts, figs, leaves, feathers, foliage – the lot! They have created the most wonderful visual delight; the perfect romantic styling for a autumn boho wedding or elopement.

Wedding’s Art really capture the magic of this inspirational shoot and you are going to love these pictures. You should also watch the Wedding’s Art film at the bottom with even more autumn wedding ideas.

Couple by entrance to cave

The Inspiration

“Bohemian is so hot right now, so we thought it would be interesting to combine this style in a different way, with different colours. So, why not combine boho with the autumn season and add some magic to it?

“We started to investigate beautiful locations in Spain and asked different vendors to collaborate. The location had to be a forest with lots of nature, such as big trees and green plants. This would add a warm, mysterious and magic touch to the styled shoot. The ideal place was Mas Terrats in Pontós, approximately 1.5 hour from Barcelona, at the Costa Brava.

“Mas Terrats is a refurbished old Catalan country house from the 16th century. It’s a spectacular venue of almost 100 hectares where they organize weddings and events.

“There are many unique places in the garden. Between the olive trees, the swing hanging in a big tree, the woods, the natural pool with a little cave and an old fountain. There are many special hidden corners, which are like a fairytale!

“The main colours we wanted to use were garnet red, mustard, and grape purple, which we called ‘fig purple’ because of the season.”

The Story to Tell

“When the sun comes up, Valeria the bride has a relaxed walk between the olive trees of Mas Terrats. She’s dressed in a casual boho style that fitted with the autumn season. Valeria takes in some fresh air, enjoying the beautiful nature and listening to the sound of the birds.”

Bride to be wearing boho style poncho

Bride to be wearing boho poncho

Woman wearing hat

A Hidden Place

“Later, Valeria is by an old, unused fountain in the middle of the forest. Plants have now grown around it, and the fountain is in a hidden place never exhibited before. Valeria is wearing a beautiful pearl grey Celia Vela wedding dress with a long tulle skirt and an embroidered top.

Bride sitting by old fountain

Bride sitting

Bride sitting by old fountain

Bride's hand touching leaf

Bride wearing Celia Vela wedding dress

“Love and Memories and florists Flors Bahí decorate the dinner table at the natural pool, ready for the bridal couple. The natural pool at the little cave is one of the most beautiful and magical places of Mas Terrats.

“There are many candles used to create a nice warm ambience. The different elements and warm colours fit perfectly with the boho style and the autumn season.

Candles leading to dinner table

Candles in woods

Rustic dinner table at entrance to cave

Rustic dinner table

Autumn styled dinner table by pool

Autumn wedding place setting

Autumn table decorations

Rustic autumn table display

Groom's place setting

Table candles and autumn styling

Candles and apples in woods

“The bride goes to the cave to meet her groom for a romantic dinner. Surrounded by beautiful green plants and colourful flowers, she’s wearing a short white dress with parts of soft cotton. Timothy, the groom, wears a brown chino, a white blouse and a dark blue gilet with a blue bow tie.”

Bride leaning on groom's shoulder by cave

Bride looking away from groom

Bride and groom back to back

Bride and groom holding hands

Groom standing behind bride

Groom looking over bride's shoulder

Bride hugging groom from behind

Bride and groom in woods

Bride going into cave

Rustic autumn wedding table

Autumn wedding table decorations

Autumn wedding menu

Pumpkins and squashes on ground

Relaxing in the Forest

“After dinner, they go to another place in the forest to relax for a moment. They find a big carpet on the floor with cushions and many rustic candles placed on trunks. There are dreamcatchers hanging in the trees, which are gifts for their guests. The bride is wearing another dress from Celia Vela, which looks like a blouse with long wide sleeves and large bows.

Dreamcatcher hanging in woods

Chillout area in forest

Candles on tree stumps

Tree stumps with autumn decorations Rustic autumn decor

Detail on dreamcatcher

Autumn wedding stationery

Bride and groom sitting on rug in woods

Bride touching groom's hand

Groom looking at bride

Bride touching groom's face

Bride and groom standing face to face

“Before the sun goes down behind the hills, Valeria goes to the wooden swing which is hanging from a big old tree. She is having her relaxed moment alone with her white horse.

“On her head she wears a crown made of flowers that matches her big bouquet that she holds in her hands. She is wearing a long, comfortable, light grey dress from Celia Vela.

Boho bride by tree swing

Bride holding rope of swing

Bride holding autumn wedding bouquet

Large rustic autumn wedding bouquet

Bride laying on swing

Boho bride's autumn crown

Boho bride sitting on swing with flowers

Boho bride standing on swing

“While fog rises through the trees, there is a delicious sweet table ready. Decorated with autumn elements and lots of candles, the table has naked cakes and red velvets, made by Soraya from Sweet Mama.”

Rustic autumn wedding dessert table

Naked wedding cake with berries

Berries on wedding cake

Jars of dessert with spoons


Doughnuts and figs

Wedding cake on dessert table

Boho bride stroking horse

Boho bride sitting on horse

Boho bride resting head on horse

Boho bride riding horse

Boho bride riding away on horse

Images © Wedding’s Art

Planning and Design: Love and Memories

Shoot Location: Mas Terrats, Pontós, Girona, Spain

Videography: Wedding’s Art

Floral Design: Flors Bahí

Wedding Dresses: Celia Vela

Naked Cakes and Red Velvets: Sweet Mama

Hair and Make-Up: Diana Galí

Stationery: CardWise

Rustic Candles: Ceras Roura

Decoration Hire: Tandem Deco

Horse: Canes Resort Mas Armengol

This post An Autumn Boho Wedding Shoot in Spain first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog