Thursday, November 5, 2015

‘Something Blue’ Wedding Ideas Every Bride Will Adore

Although we love keeping up with the latest trends at Style & the Bride, we also love certain traditions such as choosing ‘something old, ‘something new,’ something borrowed’ and something blue for your wedding. The rhyme appears to have originated in England in an 1898 compilation of English folklore. In years gone by, brides traditionally opted for a blue garter. However, times have moved on, and we think there are plenty of other stylish and modern’ something blue’ wedding ideas for you to choose from. Of course, you can still opt for a garter if you so wish, but we love the idea of opting for an item that will be on show throughout the day. Although I love traditional white or ivory bridal shoes, I think a pair of ‘something blue’ wedding shoes, will look particularly stylish. Not only can you wear them on your wedding day, but also on your honeymoon. I also think you can include your ‘something blue’ in your bridal bouquet. I have always been obsessed with a particular bouquet by Blue Sky Flowers, which you can see below. The powder blue hydrangeas are just exquisite. If you are not keen on blue flowers, you can of course opt for an ivory or white bouquet and simply tie a blue ribbon around the stems.

Stunning ‘Something Blue’ wedding ideas

something blue wedding ideas

How fabulous are these Dory 100 Jimmy Choo shoes? They are perfect for your ‘something blue.’

something blue wedding

Why not put your bridesmaids in ‘something blue?’ These gorgeous dresses are by Kelsey Rose.

something blue wedding ideas

How amazing is this ‘Frosted Sparkles’ wedding cake from GC Couture’s new 2016 collection?

something blue wedding

How pretty is this Ribbon Curtain Wedding Backdrop Dunnett Blue by Just Add A Dress, available at Not On The High Street.

How pretty is this blue hydrangea bouquet by Blue Sky Flowers. Photograph by Anneli Marinovich.

This is such a pretty blue hydrangea bouquet by Blue Sky Flowers. Photograph by Anneli Marinovich.

something blue wedding

Point your friends and family in the direction of this ‘Something Blue’ wedding card by Doodle Love Designs.


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