Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Elegant Wedding Bows For The Classic Bride

Along with the colour pink, I can’t resist a bow, particularly when it comes to wedding bows. I have blogged about bows before, click herebut this post is different as it is about wedding bows for classic brides. This post is not about ‘big’ all encompassing bows,’ on the contrary it is about subtle wedding bows, bows that add a little something to wedding dresses, cakes, shoes etc. When I saw this beautiful Karolina dress by Caroline Castigliano, it sparked the idea for today’s post, ‘Elegant Wedding Bows For the Classic Bride.’ Featuring a strapless fitted bodice, full pleated Mikado silk skirt and the all important bow detail at the waist, it is definitely one for those of you who are looking for a timeless bridal gown.

Bows are undoubtedly for brides who like all things romantic, but I think they also appeal to brides who are want to add a feminine touch without going for an all out girly wedding look. I personally think bows never go out of fashion, and are perfect for those of you who want an enduring wedding style. If I was asked to name a Hollywood icon that I would link this post to, it would definitely be Audrey Hepburn. So for all you modern day Audrey Hepburn brides out there, this is undoubtedly the bridal look you should be choosing for your big day.

Wedding Bows For The Classic Bride

wedding bows

How elegant is this Karolina wedding dress by Caroline Castigliano?

wedding bows

How pretty are these ‘Belle’ heart embroidered peep toe shoes with bows by Charlotte Mills?

classic wedding cakes

How gorgeous is this ‘Sassi’ wedding cake by The Abigail Bloom Cake Company?

classic wedding stationery

A very stylish bow wedding invitation by Ruth Kaye Design.

classic bridesmaid dresses

Little Bevan have such gorgeous bridesmaid dresses and pageboy outfits with bow detailing.

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