Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dreamy Valentine Avoh Wedding Dresses

I have just discovered bridal designer Valentine Avoh, who is based in Brussels. Although he does not yet have a stockist in the UK, I am pretty sure it will not be too long before he has one. Valentine is inspired by women of all ages and by the golden age of Hollywood, which is reflected in his current collection. Valentine is inspired by old movies and I have to say that I spent an enormous amount of my childhood curled up on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon watching the likes of Bette Davies and Grace Kelly, so Valentine and I have something in common. I don’t know about you but sometimes I find ‘iconic’ Hollywood stars more inspiring than their modern day counterparts. Valentine explains that he wants his dresses to be unique, modern, but not too sexy. I couldn’t agree with his sentiments more. Call me old fashioned, but I definitely think bridal gowns can be sensuous without being sexy. You have the rest of your married life to be ‘sexy.’ It is far better to strive to be chic, elegant and stylish on your wedding day.

‘In his workshop where live in harmony silk, organza, embroidery, and more surprising materials like leather and feathers – a nod to couture – elegance, attention to detail, craftsmanship and originality reign master.’ Isn’t that a fabulous description of the essence of Valentine Avoh? I am sure it won’t be long before UK bridal stockists will be flocking to showcase Valentine at their boutiques.

Valentine Avoh Wedding Dresses

Valentine Avoh wedding dresses

How gorgeous is this ‘Dahlia’ dress? I think it has a 1920s feel to it.

Valentine Avoh

The oh so pretty ‘Lila’ by Valentine.

Valentine Avoh wedding dresses

How absolutely exquisite is the ‘Erine’ dress?

Valentine Avoh

How stylish is Valentine’s ‘Iris’ dress? Just beautiful.



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