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Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Have you thought about your wedding jewellery yet? You may have found your dream wedding dress and shoes, but whatever you do, don’t think about your wedding jewellery only a week before your big day. Here at Style & the Bride, we think wedding jewellery is an pivotal part of your overall bridal look. There is no point in investing in your dream wedding gown if you do not choose beautiful wedding jewellery to complement it. We have put together some top tips on choosing your wedding jewellery and also some beautiful ideas for you to choose from.

wedding jewellery

How pretty are these necklaces from Gemporia? They are available from early next year.

7 Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

1. All too often your mum (mother of the bride) will suggest that your ‘something borrowed’ is a piece of her jewellery or perhaps something that belonged to your grandmother. It is of course a lovely idea to wear a piece of jewellery that belongs to a relative, but it is important that it complements your look and does not detract from it. If the piece of jewellery is unsuitable, it is important that you subtly explain this to your mum without hurting her feelings. There is no point in wearing wedding jewellery that you are not 100% sure about it.

2. This may sound obvious, but believe me, we know plenty of brides who have fallen in love with a piece of wedding jewellery before choosing their wedding gown. You must of course resist the temptation as you need to ensure the jewellery suits the style and colour of bridal dress you choose.

3. As much as we love following all the latest wedding fashion trends on Style & the Bride, when it comes to your wedding jewellery, you should keep the words ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’ at the forefront of your mind. Wedding jewellery should be jewellery that you don’t only want to wear on the big day, but for many years after you say ‘I do.’

Dower & Hall

We love the classic feel of this sterling silver white pearl and topaz multi stone bracelet from Dower & Hall

4. Remember ‘less is more.’ As Coco Chanel once said, ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.’ Although she was referring to every day life, I think the same rule can be applied to your wedding day. Don’t overdo your wedding jewellery. In other words, you don’t have to wear earrings, a bracelet and a necklace.

wedding jewellery

The most incredible ‘Enchanted Lotus Diamond Drops 3 Motif Bracelet’ by De Beers.

5. Don’t mix gold and silver jewellery together. Either go for one or the other, but never both. If you are unsure whether to opt for gold or silver, think about the colour of your bridal gown, your general preference and whether the jewellery suits your skin tone.

wedding jewellery

Think about whether you want to wear gold or silver wedding jewellery, don’t mix the two. We love this ‘Little Star’ pendant in rose gold by Astley Clarke London.

6. Don’t upstage your wedding dress! Let your bridal gown speak for itself, your wedding jewellery should complement it, rather than upstage it!

7. Ask advice. If you are unsure about a pair of earrings or bracelet, ask your girlfriend for her opinion. However, remember to try on your wedding dress with the piece of jewellery so she can see if the jewellery suits the style of gown.

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