Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Most Feminine Wedding Dresses For Girly Brides

In case you are new to Style & the Bride, you probably don’t have any idea that I love all things girly, so therefore just adore feminine wedding dresses. I was the opposite of a tomboy and loved nothing more than dressing up in pretty party dresses with plenty of netting and bows! My bedroom was as pink as it could be and I even wore a tutu for my 7th birthday (don’t ask me why!). Everybody else turned up in their normal clothes, but I had to dress up as a ballerina.

Obviously I am not as ‘girly’ as I was when I was a little girl, but I have to admit I still love ‘all things pretty,’ the colour pink, lace and bows. If you are anything like me, please embrace your girly yourself and don’t try and be something you are not on your wedding day. I have written about this before, but I think it is so important to stress the point about ‘being yourself’ on your big day. Don’t let anyone try and make you into their kind of bride i.e. a classic bride, a modern bride etc if this is just not you. This post is for all you girly brides out there as I have chosen the most feminine wedding dresses for you to choose from. The only problem you will have is choosing the perfect one for you as they are all just so beautiful. Good luck choosing!

Feminine wedding dresses

feminine wedding dresses

How beautiful is the ‘Marwa’ wedding dress by Sanyukta Shrestha? So feminine and elegant.

feminine wedding dresses

The gorgeous ‘Aurelie’ by Emma Victoria Payne.

feminine wedding dresses

How utterly girly is this ‘Mary’ dress by Elizabeth Stuart Bride?

Suzanne Neville

The exquisite ‘Melody’ by Suzanne Neville.

feminine wedding dresses

This ‘Laura’ dress, ‘Misty’ shrug and ‘Serena’ belt, all by Stephanie Allin, are so beautiful.

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