Monday, November 23, 2015

Stylish Brides Will Adore The 2016 Flora Collection

Oh, I am literally so excited for all you stylish brides out there. You will be (like I was!) bowled over by the 2016 Flora Collection. The new collection will be available in the UK at Blackburn Bridal Couture in London, Churchgate Porter in Brighton, Ivory & Pearl in Northern Ireland and The Mews Bridal in Clifton, Bristol. If you are interested in seeing the collection in person, you can go along to their 2016 trunk shows. Blackburn Bridal Couture will be holding theirs on the 22nd-23rd January 2016, Churchgate Porter’s trunk show will be from the 5th-7th February 2016, Ivory & Pearl (19th-21st February) and The Mews Bridal in Clifton (26th-28th  February).

Now, onto the 2016 Flora collection. The reason why stylish brides will fall head over heels in love with it is that is both beautiful and ‘very now.’ By ‘very now,’ it is full of very figure hugging dresses that ooze sensuality, but there are also full skirted gowns like ‘Martha’ and my personal favourite, ‘Lola,’ which is incredibly feminine and in my opinion, simply sublime. When I saw the gowns from the Flora 2016 collection, I was more than a little over excited. When I literally can’t stop looking at the gowns, I know that they will be a big hit with not only stylish and fashionable brides, but those of you who are looking for a truly beautiful wedding dress. I am sure you will be drooling over these gowns, so I will let you take a look at them now. Enjoy!

My Pick Of The Best 2016 Flora Collection For Stylish Brides

stylish brides

How utterly beautiful is Flora’s ‘Lola’ wedding dress?

Flora wedding dresses

The exquisite ‘Martha’ dress by Flora.

stylish brides

The dreamy ‘Mila’ wedding dress by Flora.

Flora's 'Madlen' wedding dress will appeal to stylish brides.

Flora’s ‘Madlen’ wedding dress will appeal to stylish brides.

How sensuous is Flora's 'Alexandra' gown?

How sensuous is Flora’s ‘Alexandra’ gown?

stylish brides

How beautiful is the ‘Rosemary’ wedding dress?

stylish brides

The incredible ‘Eve’ dress.

stylish brides

This ‘Belle’ gown is perfect for boho brides.

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