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Hen Party Workshops – Exciting and Creative Activities

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Forget about primping and preening with a relaxing hen weekend… it’s time to get crafty. There are a whole load of exciting and creative hen party workshops where you can learn or hone a skill – with the addition of naked men, of course. Lauren of Last Night of Freedom rounds them all up.

Bake with a Legend

Get ready to lovingly erect your buns and conquer the dreaded soggy bottom on your hen do.

Bake with a Legend baking hen party workshop

That’s right – this is baking, GBBO style, with our Bake with a Legend activity. Our all-new and exciting hen party activity will take you on a doughy journey – inspired from the hit TV show.

You’ll bake with former (and legendary, hence the name) contestants of the programme. We’re not talking minor stars. Howard Middleton, the unsuspecting victim of custard gate and Bake Off memes. Paul Jagger, the creator of the world-famous lion in bread (rendering Paul Hollywood speechless…). Ian Cumming, the runner up of season six. Glenn Cosby, renowned for his supersize baking talents. Those are just some of your expert teachers. You’ll even get a glass of Prosecco, snacks throughout the class and prizes for Star Baker. On your marks, get set, bake!

Graffiti Workshop

Get out and paint the streets of London (not literally) on your hen party with a graffiti workshop.

Graffiti Hen Party Workshop

With this activity, anything goes. Channel your inner Banksy and get creative (and covered) as you learn spray paint and stencil techniques under the guidance of an expert (not Banksy – our contacts only stretch so far).

You’ll produce your own masterpiece and go on a whirlwind tour of East London’s infamous street art, seeing work from the likes of Banksy (him again), Shepard Fairey, Invader and Jimmy C.

Naked Chocolatier Party

Semi-naked men and melted chocolate… no need to go on any further.

Naked Chocolatier Hen Party Activity

But we will (professionals). Putting the (edible) treats to one side for a moment, the beauty of this naked chocolatier party is, of course, the men. The chocolatiers, wearing only an apron, will be on hand to pour out your drinks, which you can bring to the venue, and look pretty as you make, bake, pipe and decorate truffles.

On to the food. You’ll be working with mouthwatering Belgian chocolate, and you can even take your hen party truffles home, all wrapped up in a gorgeous gift box.

Thai Cooking Class

There are regular cooking classes, and there are Thai cooking classes (do you see where we’re going…?).

Thai Cooking Class hen party activity

Thai food is famously sumptuous and flavoursome and you’ll get hands-on with a three-course cooking class. You’ll enjoy a welcome drink (of course) to get the creative juices flowing, before splitting into teams – this means war – and preparing your extravagant feast. There’ll even be team games to make it all the more competitive.

This all takes place against the backdrop of Leeds’ most popular Thai restaurant, with its own secret Palm Sugar Lounge bar, close to the city’s busiest nightlife areas.

Perfume Making

There’s nothing more exclusive than creating your own signature perfume.

Perfume Making hen party activity

All the celebs are jumping on the bandwagon, and it’s time for you to hop on too. You’ll single-handedly put Debenhams out of business with a luxury perfume making class, with the addition of bubbly to make it even more glamorous.

The expert perfume stylist will provide fragrant perfume blends to sample, alongside scent strips, atomisers and bottles. You’ll then choose your mouthwatering notes and the stylist will put it all together into one beautiful scent. Plus, you’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

Fire Breathing

You’ve heard of baking, painting and naked men… but let’s add fire breathing to this heady, hen weekend mix.

Fire Breathing

This spectacular workshop takes place in one of our most notorious locations to date; Amsterdam. The Queen of the Netherlands is a city full of intrigue and excitement, and none more so than this.

You’ll get to grips with this exceptional talent with the help of a pro. The expert will explain the dos and don’ts of breathing fire (not to set anyone alight etc.) before you demonstrate your newfound skills towards the end of the masterclass. You’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a practice session with water…

Meditation and Matcha Tea Making

Join Instagram’s biggest hype and get a whole load of new followers (priorities) on your relaxing hen weekend.

Woman Drinking Tea

Channel your inner Gwyneth Paltrow with a magnificent meditation and matcha tea making workshop. It’s the perfect recovery the morning after.

You’ll experience the art of Japanese meditation and enter a blissful mode of consciousness, using relaxing techniques, before making your very own matcha tea. This tea has hidden benefits (not just Instagram followers), and is famous for aiding weight loss, soothing stress and is even rich in amino acids.

Guest post by Lauren Green of Last Night of Freedom

This post Hen Party Workshops – Exciting and Creative Activities first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

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