Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Hen Party Ideas

This post DIY Hen Party Ideas first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

We ladies have it tough when it comes to planning the world’s finest hen weekend. It has to be personal, fun, budget-friendly and involve an unbelievable amount of cocktails… It’s a huge weight to carry upon small shoulders. Lauren of Last Night of Freedom rounds up the best DIY hen party ideas to send-off the hen with a bang.

Hang Out the Bunting

A hen party isn’t a hen party without bunting, balloons, tablewear and everything in between.

DIY Hen Party Decorations

A truly special occasion starts, and ends, with decorations. They are the staple of any DIY hen party; from the more risqué – think willy banners, penis piñatas and groom balloons – to the sophisticated and vintage cake stands, floral paper plates and even doilies.

Shaken or Stirred?

Willy straws are the name of the game on a DIY hen party. You simply cannot have one without the other.

Hen Party Drinking Straws

If you are mixing up home-made cocktails, a dash of penis (straw) may be just the thing. You could even go one step further with your very own hen party receptacles, such as the Giant Martini Glass and ‘Sexy Bitch’ P.I.M.P cup. And don’t you dare forget about the shot glasses…

Say Cheese

If there is one thing we can guarantee it’s photos on a hen weekend, and lots of them.

Hen Party Photo Props

But what is a photo without a prop? With accessories designed to improve the hen do experience, such as the ‘I’m Pissed’ Speech Mark Prop, and the Princess Crown, you’ll have a whole range of fun snaps, and memories, of your hen party. You could even put it all together with a fun activity and create a gorgeous memory book to keep forever.

Surprise Surprise

Get personal with a gorgeous gift for the bride. This isn’t just any night out, and the little things count.

Hen Party Gift Bags

You may have nailed the bunting, but do you have a pair of willy slippers? However, personal touches don’t just need to be embarrassing (of course they do…). You could get crafty and create a personalised gift bag, or save all of the hassle and present her with a premium gift bag.

Naughty Novelties

You have the decorations, the entertainment, the photo props and, of course, the willy straws. Now it’s time for something a little different.

Hen Party Novelties

A hen party is your chance as the Maid of Honour to get naughty with novelties. Maybe blow-up an inflatable man or enjoy a quaint game of ring toss. Novelties and games are a handy way to break the ice and get the cocktails flowing before celebrating. Perhaps, even taking said inflatable man for a night on the town. These are sure to get the bride blushing and ready for an unforgettable hen weekend.

Article by Lauren green of Last Night of Freedom

This post DIY Hen Party Ideas first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

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