Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Candles Galore: 5 Ways Candles Can (Literally and Figuratively) Brighten Your Wedding Day

Flickering, warm light, glowing softly; there’s a reason we love candles, especially at weddings. If you’re looking for new ideas to use candles for at your wedding, you’ll love today’s post. Check out these pretty, fun and unique ideas for using candles during your wedding.

1. Candles Around the Cake

They’re not just for centerpieces! Place low candles all around your cake to catch your guests’ eyes and highlight your beautiful wedding cake. It will also add to the pretty glow in your reception hall.


2. Candles in Colored Water

This is a neat idea that you can use to bring in more of your wedding colors! These candles sit in colored water, creating a fun and unique look that your guests will love.


3. Lighting Photo Centerpieces

Create these amazing centerpieces by opening four frames and removing the glass and backing. Tape a photo to the frame so that the printed side is out, but the photo is secure in the frame. Hot glue the four frames together in a square, each photo facing out. Next, place a votive or tea light candle in the center of the frames!


4. Lighting Table Numbers

You can recreate this gorgeous idea at your own wedding by using modgepodge to add numbers and words printed on paper to a glass candleholder. Simply print the words or numbers you want, cut to the size of the candle, apply modgepodge to the candleholder and press the paper on. Cover with another coat of the modgepodge and you’re done. Place a candle in the holder for a pretty glow!


5. As Favors

Candles are one of the wedding favors guests love getting, because they will definitely use them! Any sort of candle favor is a great idea, and it’s easy to find candle favors that fit all sorts of themes.


We love candles. What about you? Which of these is your favorite idea? Have you spotted any fantastic ideas using candles? Let us know in the comments below!

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