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Top Games for a Hen Party

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Hen Party Game

The hen party is the biggest celebration in the run up to the wedding day. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to wave goodbye to your single years. On a hen weekend however, some of the guests may have never met, and there’s no better way to break the ice than with a penis piñata, or Never Have I Ever. Lauren of Last Night of Freedom shares her top hen party games…


Taboo is a super-easy way to get everyone in the hen group involved, and drunk really quickly.

Choose a list of words (no more than 10, or it starts getting difficult) that are to be avoided during the night, and anyone who lets one of the words slip must do a forfeit. From crazy dares to finishing everyone’s drinks; the choice is yours.



This is piñata, but with a twist.

Hen Party Pinata Game

And, the twist is… (drum roll, please) the piñata is a giant, pink penis with a happy face. Regular rules apply – blindfold the player, spin them until they’re struggling to walk (the cocktails might help with this one), and let them loose on the willy with a piñata buster. Perfect.


Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck is a hen party game for those in the group who insist they’re sober after one or ten bottles of wine.

Fuzzy Duck is a classic, although you may need to be a linguistic wizard to get through this. Get in a circle and say ‘Fuzzy Duck’ in one direction, and when someone asks ‘does he?’, switch direction and begin saying ‘Ducky Fuzz’ around the circle. Make sure you switch direction every time someone one repeats ‘does he?’ And, if you mess up, you drink. Good luck getting through this without cursing like a sailor, ladies.


Pin the Junk on the Hunk

Yep, just like the beloved childhood game – but with the addition of a semi-naked man, and various willies.

The aim of Pin the Junk on the Hunk is thus: pin his junk in the correct position. You’ll be blindfolded and spun around before you are let loose on his junk – and the closest to the right position wins the game, and life.


Never Have I Ever

Ah, Never Have I Ever – the hen party game that can single-handedly open a giant can of worms.

Hen Party Drinking Game

This is a fun take on the traditional Truth or Dare, with each of you taking turns to start a sentence with ‘Never Have I Ever’, and if anyone has done what the player said, they drink. You may find out a little more about your fellow hens than you expected, and be careful if you’re playing with the Mother-in-the-Law.


Loo Roll Wedding Dress

The object of the game is simple: fashion a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

It’s an all-round winner for hen parties – and a lot harder than it sounds (especially after those aforementioned bottles of wine). Split your hens into groups and nominate one member of each group as the ‘bride’. You’ll then have three toilet rolls to create a vision in white, and the losers will have to perform a forfeit. Get those thinking caps ready.


Guess the Memory

This will test your knowledge and how drunk you are (depending on how much you reveal).

Each guest writes down a memory (it can be as tame or as risqué as you like) and pops it into a hat. After everyone’s memory is in the hat, each player takes it in turns to pull out a memory and guess who it belongs to. The bride can even keep (or burn) the memories as a souvenir of her last night of freedom.



There’s nothing like a ring toss game to break the ice on a hen weekend.

Hen Party Hoopla Game

Two people will strap willies to their foreheads (this is our kind of a hen weekend), and another two players will attempt to throw six hoops on the penises – perfectly normal. The forfeits and rewards are up to you – from the number of shots to drink, to the number of guys they have to chat up.


Mr Right?

Mr Right is a great way to test the bride-to-be, and, quite possibly, terrify her before the wedding day.

The maid-of-honour will sit with the groom before the hen do, ask him a whole heap of questions and record his answers. On the hen do she will then ask the bride the same questions, and see how well they match up. Is he Mr Right, or Mr Wrong?

Article by Lauren Green of Last Night of Freedom

This post Top Games for a Hen Party first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

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